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Falkland Island Customs & Etiquettes

The lifestyle in the Falkland Islands resembles that of a small English or Scottish village/town and communities on the Falkland Islands are highly self-contained. The influx of the British Forces has obviously had an effect on the Islands. More people now visit for a variety of reasons. The islanders themselves have benefited from the additional amenities offered by the Forces. The population is very keen to remain under British sovereignty.

Since the population has British roots, customs tend to follow those of the United Kingdom, although in many ways the islanders are more conservative than Britain. Drugs are not tolerated and travellers should be aware that among some residents there is still a mistrust of Argentines stemming from the 1982 conflict.

In addition to the above concerns, there exists a Country Code that should be followed by visitors to the islands:

• always ask permission before entering private land;

• keep to paths wherever possible, and leave gates open or shut as you found them;

• be aware of the high fire risk throughout the Falkland Islands;

• do not litter; take your rubbish home with you;

• do not disfigure rocks or buildings;

• do not touch, handle, injure or kill any wild bird or other wild animal;

• never feed any wild animals;

• always give animals the right of way;

• remember not to block the routes of seabirds and seals coming ashore to their colonies;

• try to prevent any undue disturbance to wild animals:

  • stay on the outside of bird and seal colonies,
  • remain at least six metres (20 feet) away,
  • when taking photographs or filming stay low to the ground,
  • move slowly and quietly,
  • do not startle or chase wildlife from resting or breeding areas;

• some plants are protected and should not be picked;

whalebones, skulls, eggs or other such items may not be exported from the Falkland Islands.





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