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Falkland Island Immigration Information Entry Visa

NOTE: The information below is just a general guide. Please refer to the relevant embassy/consulate for updated information.

Note: An Overseas Territory of a country is deemed to be part of that country when negotiating visa exemption. All nationals (including non-visa nationals) must obtain a visitor, work or residence permit, normally valid for four weeks. An extension of up to 12 months may be granted by applying to the immigration office on arrival and providing proof of sufficient funds and accommodation during stay. A visitors permit is issued after completing a visitors form and requires proof of return tickets, sufficient funds and accommodation. Visitors permits can be obtained from the Falkland Islands Immigration Office in Stanley, or on arrival.


Passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond departure required by all nationals.


Visa is not required for nationals of Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, EU, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, San Marino, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Uruguay, USA, Vatican City, and most Commonwealth countries. Other nationals should enquire at the nearest British Consulate or Embassy/High Commission.

Red Cross and United Nations personnel: Any individual whose passport or international travel document is issued by the Red Cross or United Nations does not need to pre-arrange a Visitor's visa to enter the Falkland Islands.

All visitors to the Falkland Islands must show that they have a return ticket, accommodation and sufficient funds to cover their expenses while in the islands. A major credit card will be accepted as proof of funds.

Validity of Visa

Upon issuance of the visa, it will be valid for up to six months from the date of issue.

Documentation Required

The documents that must be submitted to the embassy or consulate include a valid passport, onward or return ticket, proof of pre-booked accommodation, and a proof of sufficient funds. A visa fee is also required to be paid for the processing of the document.

A departure tax of £22 is charged when leaving the territory from Mount Pleasant Airport.

Processing Time

The document will be immediately processed upon submission of requirements. It will take a few days before it is issued.





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