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Pets to Bring into Falkland Island

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) applies in the Falkland Islands and pets require passport, to be microchipped and to have current Health Certificate and Rabies Vaccination Certificate.

However, you are not encouraged to bring dogs to the Falkland Islands because of Hydatic disease caused by a sheep parasite. The disease can be transmitted to humans via the eggs of tapeworm carried by dogs on their coats or saliva; you are therefore strongly advised not to stroke island dogs. Cats must wear a collar and be neutered.

Approval can be given to bring a pet to the Falkland Islands providing the animal has resided in the UK since birth, or for six months or prior to embarking for the Islands. If this is the case, no quarantine restrictions apply, except for two weeks "house quarantine" on arrival. However, if the dog/cat has travelled from a country other than the UK, it will have to undergo six months quarantine in the UK before embarking for the Falkland Islands.

Except for service animals, all animals must travel to the Falkland Islands by sea. To arrange transportation by ship, permission must be sought from the captain before sailing. The pet owner must provide the necessary documentation, cage, bedding and food for the duration of the voyage. The captain will appoint a volunteer to look after the pet for the voyage – they will expect to be thanked financially for their efforts. Please note that this ship will not accept any liability.





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