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Falkland Island Population


Census figures show that the population rose from an estimate of 287 in 1851 to 2,272 in 1911. It was 2,094 in 1921 and 2,392 in 1931 but then the population declined and in 1980 it was 1,813. The population then rose and was 2,955 in 2006. The 2006 census recorded 2,115 people in Stanley and 477 in Mount Pleasant. However, there were only 194 people in the rest of East Falkland, 127 people in West Falkland and 42 people in all the other islands. These figures exclude all military personnel and their families, but includes 477 people who were present in the Falkland Islands in connection with the military garrison. The American CIA stated that in July 2008, the population was estimated to be 3,140.

About 70% are of British descent, primarily as a result of Scottish and Welsh immigration to the islands. The native-born inhabitants call themselves "Islanders"; the term "Kelpers", from the kelp which grows profusely around the islands, is no longer used in the Islands. People from the United Kingdom who have obtained Falkland Island status are known locally as 'belongers'.


Population :
3,140 (July 2008 est.)

Age structure :
0-14 years: NA
15-64 years: NA
65 years and over: NA

Population growth rate :
0.011% (2009 est.)

Birth rate :

Death rate :

Net migration rate :

Urbanisation :
urban population: 92% of total population (2008)
rate of urbanisation: 1.2% annual rate of change (2005-10 est.)

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